Saturday, October 11, 2008

ghost story..

hmm.., i advise you people to read this only during nite...

There is once a in a st.john ambulance..,
there is this..., a dummy..., a dummy tat has been used 4 showing the children
the consequences of not following the trafic has a face of a little girl..

There is one day..., not one fine day..
when during the event of promoting about the following the rules of the trafic light where they showed the same thing again like they always do.
They put the dummy in a standing position in the middle of the road as usual and let a car to bang it down to show the school children the effect of not following the trafic light.
But this time things are different, different in a weird kind of way..
When the dummy was hit by the car, it fell on d road about three metres away like it always did..
Suddenly..., blood came out of the dummy.. from its eyes, nose, head, and some part of it..
One of the st.john member was ask to check it out.
When the st.john member, goes near the dummy, she was shock of what he had seen and the dummy spoke to her that she(the dummy) feels pain and ask the st.john for help.. N blood and tears came down from the dummy's eyes.. The st.john members that were jz to frighten tat they one of them burn it and threw it away.. It was one heck of a day, that does st.john remember tat event..

Well, they think that its over..., bt things are jz getting started..

During the holidays.., the st.john organise a camp in the genting resort..
well, in each two people shared one room..
and in each room there is one st.john box(the one where they hav their equipments) wit a red cross symbol on the box in their toilets..
hmm..., on the first day of their nite.. sumthing strange happen..
In one of the st.john's hotel room..., one of the member went to the toilet in the middle of d nite..
He jz wash his hands after doin his buisness.., bt his hands bleed out a bit for no reasons.
He then reach for the st.john box, and gt his small wound patch. He closed the box. Bt what he did't noe is tat sumthing had already came out of the box behind him.. It could be seen holding a knife frm the reflection of the mirror and he saw it.. He was jz terrified, and wanted to shout for help but he was stab by it a about like 50times and he now recalled the face of it, it was the face of the dummy tat had been burn n thrown away.. but he died after that. The same goes to his partner.. this was repeated to many rooms in tat nite..
Many st.john were killed.., and "it" wants its revenge..for the one that had burn it..
after all of them had been killed.. it doesn't seems to be able to find the one it has been searchin for.

Two days after that, the st.john who had burn it was at home "alone". well, coz "it" is nw there wit him..
He went to the toilet, and the same thing happen again. but he did't died.
He ran for his life.The dummy smile wit a wicked face. As he ran out of the house, suddenly there came a car and knocked him down and he was bleeding..
He was dying.. then came the dummy to him, he ask "it" for help. But "it" burn him like what he had did to "it'..
Revenge its done..

Well, there is still one part of the story that you don wan to miss out..

"it" nw hunts down for the blogger who wrote about it cause the blogger noes the what had happen to those st.john... N "it" doesn't wants many people to noe about this too..
So, readers.. please be carefull in the middle of the nite.., espeacially when you wan to go 2 d toilet at nite urself..

ps: dun say i did't warn you..


Your awesome neighbour. said...

so scary lah. LOL.
cool blog. :D
and i'm linked!
i feel so important. ;P
*enjoying perasan moment*
see ya. C:

kai said...

yo, who r u?

cheesylaughingman said...

dude, u gt sumthin against st john izzit hahaha

kai said...

its jz so happen it suits d story.
anyway, i did't noe ya blog.