Sunday, September 7, 2008

my chess..

well, this is nothing much..
jz a bit of my experience..

well, wanna noe hw i start learnin chess?
it sure will make u laugh..

back in when i was 7, a few people were playing chess..
back there i dunno hw 2 play that game so all of them laugh at me..
i went home crying..
so after that during year end, i begin 2 start 2 learn chess frm my father n a simple book.
i was a slow learner bt whenever i thought about those who laugh at me.., i decide to move on learnin bout that game..
i reach the age of 9, i joined my first tournament in a hotel..
of course, its ends wit a lost bt i manage 2 gt 2 out of 7.
hmm.., then i join a few tournments 2 gain more experience n exposure.
as i hav reach 10, my chess teacher heard frm another teacher about my chess.
so he let me in the school team.
well, in that tourment, i did quite well in zon sentul(won 4 out of 5)(defeat KB current strongest player)..
as i proceed 2 being a 12 years old boy, it was the first time they had msskl.(as captain)
i almost lost the first round(down by one rook) bt i won by a pass pawn.
i lost in round 6. bt won in round 7 againts a KB player who i had lost a few times to in other tournment b4 that.( my result was 6 out of 7). so i manage 2 gt 2 mssm.

when i was form1.., i almost miss my chance 2 represent my school in chess coz nt noeing who was in charge in it. bt luckly i found them, n they tested my chess skills n let me in.
so, in zon sentul..,
my won the first two matches. my third match 2 my 5th match were frm KB. those days KB were strong in chess. bt i won those three matches. n i drew in my 6th match againts a KB student. In my lasy match, my opponent was the KB captain(15 years old). i ask him for a draw bt he decline me a few times. I think he was underestimating me back there. I suddenly remembered that game he played wit his opponents.. i realize he did nt castle through out the whole game. So i focus all my attack 2 the centre. I also made a double pawn so that i can hav a open file in the f file. It all works well when he lost a pawn.., then came his downfall..
So, i gt first in that zon sentul. bt i did badly in msskl, reason being was that i was under pressure into thinking that i am the zon sentul champ n must nt lose. that was my mistake..

nw, i am form4.. after form1, i had 2 concentrate in my study, so i stop my chess..
form4 i almost can gt into mssm bt lost my last round..
next year will b my lasy year..., as the captain i hope 2 b able 2 train all my teammates instead of in individual..

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