Wednesday, September 3, 2008


yo, wassup?
well, before playing this game, i felt that this games sucks and boring...(no offense 2 u all dota players, k?)
but after I played it once....,
its a whole lot different story..hahax
it turn out to be an interesting game especially when u get excited using your hero to hit another.
of course my first match turn out to a lost since i was a noob back there in Jun 2008.
i start playing the game more frequent and manage to learn a few useful ways to play it frm my friends..
frm vs easy to insane. then AI+ insane..
it was fun i had 2 admit..
you want to noe wats anoying?
is tat when u r playin halfway or beginin, people start 2 ask u y buy tis buy tat?
all those things la..
sumtimes even when playin halfway, suddenly someone frm behind wil b tryin 2 take control of ur sounds stupid...
anyway, add me in gg, kaiyuan2
although i mayb noob a bit, bt hope u would add me.

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