Thursday, April 30, 2009

i sense betrayal among us..

from what i had seen, i think i can know who i can trust and who i cannot.
Hence.., i roughly predict who will betray. Coz that person betray me once.
Betrayal is like stabbing someone from the back.
Well, that wasn't the worst part though.
The worst part is that you will lose your trust.
And feel the pain of betrayal.

But i guess betrayal is unavoidable.
It flows in our vein of our blood.
Its a common thinking in our mind for our own beneficial.

Tips of the day: When you shutdown your computer, and when you turn it on next time it will take sometime to load all those run time. If you wanna save time, you can do this.
When you are shutingdown, you go to stand by mode while holding the shift button.
It will go to hibernate mode.

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