Saturday, April 25, 2009

Its over.. but another coming again..

well, the intervensi exam is over now.
But on the 11th of May, is the mid-term exam.
haiz, have to work hard again.

Fell sick yesterday for two hours and then okay.
Got those virus from my bro.
Should have querantie him.(keep him in his room til he recover)
Now my family get sick coz of him.

I would like to congratz kill_me for his debut in G.A.F

i had this 'thing' that won't allow me to stay up late til 2am.
If i do so, my hold body will experience a full body shutdown.
A full body shutdown as in, i will temporary lose all my five sense and can't do anything(talk, move) for few seconds when i try to sleep after staying up late.
Its kinda weird, but initially when i first experience it at the age of 14, it was scary back there.
I found out later that i am not the only one experiencing this.
I think its due to tiredness.
But it happen frequently last time.
Now not so.

Tips of the day in ict: If you are afraid of your pendrive being infected by virus when you are using it to present something to someone/client,here is what you can do. If and only if you are presenting something as in read only files, you can always use a cd-rom. Burn your file into it and present. You can use it till the disc is full and use a new one then. CD-rom are cheap now a days. Virus can't infect cd-rom coz it needs to burn to into it which requires a burner hardware and its your choice to burn things to the cd and not the virus. You can safely bring it back home and put in new files. If you find it troublesome to keep on changing cd-rom, you can always buy cd-rw(rewritable) though its more expensive.

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