Friday, April 17, 2009


yo, Its about vb again.
Busy lately.
Had to teach others how to do VB.
I teach them from basic(Before you run, you walk first)
In hoping that it will help them.
Most are okay.

Ohh.., ya. thanx again yit kenn.
For the book.
Its damn useful.
I forgot that i had a exam next week.
But do i care?

just try to get at least 6A.
hmm..., quite a target.

hmm..., nt much contact with her lately.
Dun wan to disturb her studying.
She is hardworking.

I try to give myself a challenge in VB by making it harder for me.

Tips of the day: All ways save a backup of your pendrive in your pc.Usually after using your pendrive at somewhere else will end up having an extra "luggage" called virus.
Anywayz, for those who are in Maluri School, just to let you know that our school main server has been affected by 2 virus. Namely Win32...exe(its a worm virus that travels via pendrive) and forever.exe(i dunno what it does but it won't disappear till i format it).

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