Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hate myself sometimes.

I hate myself for not being able to plan my time.
I hate myself for not being able to control my anger.
I hate myself for not doing my best.

busy again lately.
Just discover that our school computer got 4 virus.
For those that don noe bout the Juzt Reboot, here is about it:
1) Juzt Reboot is a software that reloads everything back to its initial status when you turn off the pc and turn it on again.
2)This means that you can't change anything in that pc with that software.
3)Deleting anything still will comeback.
4) It sometimes comes as a card(hardware)

Our School pcs in the makmal komputer has that software except pusat akses.
Wanna noe something funny?
Teacher himself can't remove it of the pcs..hahax
He dunno how to deactivate it.

Speaking bout the four virus, they are:
1) Forever.exe
2)Win32(worm virus)
3) Netmon(destroy the system)
4) Forget the name adi.

Do not put your pendrive in pc 15.
It will destroy your pendrive by fried by it.

To be a good programmer or hacker,

Follow the master,
Walk with the master,
Learn from the master,
Be the master.

I realize many malay male teachers start using the school computer lab more often than usual ever since the female lab, kak Azmi is there.hahax
What does that tell ya?

Select Case Val(Label1.caption)
Case is > Val(Label2.caption) and Val(Label3.caption) : Label5.caption = text5.text
End Select

I jz realize i can do that in vb6.0
The "and" comes in handy in sticky situation.
I use it for validation.

I failed a few times in vb.
So, when i failed the first one.
I called it version1.0
Followed by version1.1

She is busy lately.
So, jz dun wan her to be too stressful.=)
If u r reading this, then take care ya.

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