Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Exam was kinda hard as i did not have enough time to study.
Except for moral, bm, english, chemistry and physics(ok la).
Wake up in the morning to blog.
Someone requested me to blog more often.
hmm..., i study hard on moral this time.

btw, i thought that when people like my age will at least think better now.
I was wrong though.
Datelines were made so that we could set ourselves a target to finish something in time.
Some of us failed to do so...
In return of giving some lame excuses like lazy la..., tired la..
Then just because one person do not want to do, he/she asked everybody to boycott not to pass it up the next day.
Drag more people together to hell...
Disappointment is what i find...
At least try to even do it.

Every morning, wake up and wanting to sleep.
Especially when its raining.
The weather these days are humid.
The air is hot.

She gave me some motivation in my exam.
well, thats why i study hard in those 5 subjects..hahax

I got to get going to school now.
have a gud day and a smile on your face.

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