Saturday, April 11, 2009

Some facts...

In the years when the new era where computer are something new.
Many software were also invented to assists the user.
In order to know whether if the user is comfortable or is okay with the software,
data mining via software is done.
Data mining via software is a process where a data miner collects data of the activity of the user interacting with the software.
The data that are collected were then transfer to the company for analysis.
Those were the days...
Now..., data miner are manipulated to invade other people's privacy such as their activity that they used in the computer. Which net are they surfing, what is their password and id, and many more.
It is then known as a "spyware" as it is a software that is used spy upon people's privacy.
Human created it(data miner) for a good purpose at the beginning for the greater good.
But human are just too complicated sometimes that they then manipulated it and abuse it for their own purpose or bad intentions.

Okay.., tips for the day:
Have you actually install a lot of softwares in your pc and then uninstalling them?
well, thinking that when you uninstalling them like that would just be enough?
No, if you keep it up, your registery editor(regedit) will be a total mess!!
Clear it up k.

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