Wednesday, April 8, 2009

for i will not bring you success..., but ony more stress..

As you had known about force boot(refer to previous post).
You can also make it boot to safe mode and there will be a administrator account
which doesn't requires password.
Well, in another method of loging in without password is when you see the user accounts
for you to log in, you just press Ctrl+Alt+Del+Del(hold on to the Ctrl and Alt while pressing Del twice.
It will pop out a box asking you to key in the user name and password.
Just type in "Administrator" and without password and enter.
There you go.
Wanna hear some gud news and bad news?
Gud news is that you can hack in like that.
But the bad news is that if a person sets a password for that invisible account, then you can no longer log in by using either way i had shown.
Cause both of the admin are the same.

Damn, "if...then..else" is hard in vb. Something new 2 me.hahax

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