Saturday, April 18, 2009


exam is coming.
And 2 weeks after it there will also be another exam..
how am i gonna survive?

i hate website that kept dragging the download link.
It says "Click here to download"
Then it says " Please wait for 30seconds" "Don't like waiting?..Sign up for premium user to obtain fullspeed"
"Your download link will appear in 30seconds"
"Scanning for virus"
Finally.. "Click here to complete your download"
Whats with all those bullshit?
Waste time.

Here is a joke,
An A class student: eh, how much you get for your english exam?
An ict student: Who cares la..., my grammar is better than yours.
The A class student: huh? what do you mean?
The ict student: I am a pro in it thats why i am better than you. Cause i am a programmer. Pro-grammer..


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