Saturday, April 4, 2009

force boot..

ok, someone ask a request that i post about force boot in a pc.
Practically when you turn on your pc it will automatically boot to your
hard drive in order to load data or information to your pc.
You usually will see a blue/green line moving from left to right with your computer logo. That shows that it is loading/booting from your hard drive.

Well, what i am gonna explain is how to force boot it to cd or pendrive or floopy(if u r still using 1).

1)When you turn on your pc, before the part where your screen shows the booting to your hard drive, you will see some bios(basic input output system) on your screen.

2)You then press the "del" button. It will then appear an option on your screen asking where do you wanna boot the pc from. Some computers are required to press "F10".

3)You then choose cd-rom or floopy.

In another way, a long way.
It is more troublesome though.

1) Press "F12" at the begining. It will then lead you to the bios set up.

2)You then go to something called "boot option".

3)You then alter the the boot option in a way that its first boot priority is the cd-rom that you want or floopy.

4)Dun forget to press F10 when you are done editing. It is to safe your settings.Always press F10 whenever you edit something in bios.Usually F7 allows you to set the bios settings back to default.

Bios come in handy at times.
It has a option that allowed you to allow the com to use certain hardware that you are not able to use in your com. Just go to "Integrated peripherals" instead of "boot option".

It will shows a list of hardware. All you need to do is to enable it.
There are some computer that auto restart after using some amount of time.
Here might be one of the reason behind it:

There is a option in a bios that shows that at which when the computer reach certain temperature, it will auto restart. You just need to edit it.
But if that keep on even though you change it already, You better get your computer a new fan or intercooler.

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