Friday, May 1, 2009

Beware of iframe threat

The newest threat to watch out for is called IFRAME. This new virus/threat can actually come in through clicking on IFRAME sites in website searches. Searching for and clicking on a rogue version of,, or (these are just a few) will lead to “IFRAME” sites.
These “IFRAME” sites will forward your PC to “rogue” sites that advertise fake anti-spyware software loaded with malware (a combination of spyware and virus)(buy one free one in other words..hahax).
Symantec rates this as a medium risk attack and Google is doing its best to actively filter out these rogue search results.

How to protect yourself:

1. Don’t click on these IFRAME links if you see them in searches.

2. Make sure your virus software is up to date.

3. Make sure all new Windows updates are installed.

All these info above are from ""
Go there to see more. They even have a list of websites that are affected by it.

If your computer is affected by it, you can try system restore.
1)Go to start and click restore and backup center if you are using vista.
If you are using windows xp then click start>Accessories>system tools>system restore(should be arround there)

If that doesn't help much, maybe you can get a good antivirus to scan your computer.

If that doesn't do any better, just format your computer thats it.
Before it gets the better of you.hahax

Btw, i mention wrongly that day, it is actually 5 virus in our school server/computer.

Anywayz, i jz took an IQ test via internet..
A lot of hard math question, average marks that people get is 100(it is stated in there). Well, i gt 102. not bad la though it degrade from 152 last year.

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