Friday, April 12, 2013

The things that I had never told you

There are certain things that I had kept to myself.
I am pretty sure some of you out there did the same.
I am also sure that you all have your reasons for doing so.

We all keep secrets from one another.
That is normal for us human to do so.

After all, we all need our space(Privacy) at times.
I know that I did not update my blog for some time now,
was busy with a lot of things.
Like really busy..

And so, if someone ever keep any secrets from me,
I think it is okay,
even if it were to be someone who is close to me.
Coz I respect that since most of us should have
a valid reason for doing so.

I too had things that I don't tell other people,
most of the reason is because it was not the rite time to tell yet.
Not everyone is ready to hear certain things.
And I am not jz talking about confessions.
But also comments and opinions on certain things or people.
Well, I am still human like the rest of you alrite?haha..

okay, gtg now

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