Friday, April 26, 2013

The blame game

Why do people blame others for their own dismay?
Well, because it seems easier than having to be responsible for the problem.
Why endanger yourself to such problems?
Why must you put your reputation on the line?
Why not let another person to be accountable for that problem instead?

Have any of you come across situations where you end up blaming another person?
Do not be afraid to admit that you did.
Admitting that you are wrong is a good thing because
that is how you will accept your mistake and learn from it.

I did blame someone before and I was not proud of it.
I was late to meet up with my team members by 1 hour because I overslept.
I end up blaming one of my team members, saying that he send me his work late a night which causes
me to end up having lack of sleep and then waking up late.

That was bad actually,
should have just admitted that I was late without blaming him.
Anyhow, I apologized to him at some point later.
And again I will if I must.

So, many people claim to be a responsible person.
But sadly many of them are not and played the blame game.
Being responsible means to have the courage to admit your mistakes
and to clean up the mess that you had made.

Even though in a situation where you are a leader and it was your member's fault,
it is actually due to your leadership or management failure that cost it.
Being a leader is not just to give instructions and make sure the work is done.
A leader also have to be responsible enough to be accountable for if things go wrong.

If some of you actually watch "The Apprentice",
you will get what I meant.

So, lets not play the blame game.
If you are not responsible enough to take on failure,
then don't be a leader.

Okay, I said quite a lot.
Those sentences above are again based on my opinion and observation.
Feel free to be skeptical about it.hahax..

oh yea, I gave this blog a new look.
The old one looks terrible.

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