Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Sometimes I fail to put myself into the other person's shoe.
Not technically the other person's shoe but
what I meant was the other person's point of view.

Often in a heated discussion, people tend to hold on
so dearly and strong to their stand that they fail to look at the other side.
This sometimes can cause them to end up being narrow minded
during a discussion.

Yes, people tend to stop thinking rationally when they get too emotional.
Like myself, I used to have a bad anger management.
So, it took me some time to control that bad behavior of mine.
And it takes effort to change.

From my recent research,
it is because when we get stress,
the limbic system which is a part of our brain which controls our emotions cuts its connection with the
neocortex that  normally performs our rational thinking.
Thus, when we get too emotional, we become unable to think rationally.

Okay, since when I start to become interested in neuropsychology?
hahax.. It started since I begin to become curious of how people think.
I normally like to observe how people will react to certain event of occurrence.

Oppss.., I side track again.
Point being is that,
In order to solve problems, we must first learn on how to control our emotions.
Do not let emotions get the better of you.

okay, its getting  late,
I need to sleep now.
Gonna get back on my feet and start studying.

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