Monday, April 22, 2013


It is always easy to say that you wanna let go of something.
But it is harder to actually do it.

Because we tend to keep on thinking of letting it go without having to actually
figure out the root cause of why we weren't able to let it go. 

the feeling of keeping something inside you is ain't a pleasant one.
It will swell up in your heart and it will starts to feel heavy inside like a stone.
When that happens, your breathing will get heavier as well.

In a long run, it is definitely not a good practice to let it happen often.
Ppl who experience this very often are prone to get into depression.

And lets jz say depression is not a nice state of mind that any of us will like to be in.

I do sometimes fall into that state coz of stress.
There was once I was studying while working two jobs at the same time.
Oh my.. that was tough.
Balancing all those were really a headache back then.
So, I quit 1 one of my job.

At the end, I decide to focus on my study 100%.
Well, partly because I already gain a lot of experience that I need
throughout the entire ordeal.

life is ain't easy.
If it was, that would be too boring wouldn't it?

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