Tuesday, April 30, 2013


commitment is a very important thing.
Whether if you are working or in a relationship,
commitment is crucial.

Sometimes just saying that you are committed is not enough.
You need to actually do something or get things done in order to show that
you have commitment.

Why am I talking about commitment?
Because people now a days lack of commitment
as can be seen in many colleges, not just mine.

My friends from other colleges told me about how
their team members failed in performing their tasks even though some tasks were simple.

Some of those people who lack of commitment in college
may think that they need not be be committed right now.
They think that they can wait til they graduate then only
will they be committed in the things they do.

However, Rome wasn't built in a day...
You do not just become committed one day just because you feel like it.

It takes time to build up commitment,
making it into a habit.

Conversely, not having commitment most of the time
will end up turning it into a bad habit.
And worse case scenario, it will be something permanent,
as the saying goes "old habits die hard".

Commitment comes from passion.
So, find your passion and go on with it.
Do not become one of those lazy people.

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