Saturday, February 9, 2013


Nope, this ain't about football goals.
This is about your goal in life.
What do you want 10 years from now in your life?

I know that most of us can answer that really easily.
But is that what you really want?
Will you be satisfied after that?
Think deeper if you must.

After all, having a goal or a few goals in life,
keeps you going.
I mean, some of us have nothing much to look forward to at times.
During those times, we actually waste a lot of time doing nothing productive.

Of course some of you may argue that
we may need to take a break from life itself.
But isn't that similar to running away from problems?

Not saying that taking a break in life is bad, but do it too often
and it will become a habit.

We all need to have at least a purpose to keep us 'alive' in this world.
Else we may not even live our life at all.

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