Thursday, May 9, 2013


Yes, I am a skeptic as well.
I like to question things.
At times, I even doubt the knowledge I have on certain niche.

Without doubt,
it will limit our ability to learn.
Because of having doubts, we can explore.

If without having to doubt,
we will close many doors of opportunities.
We will narrow down our perception on certain things.
This will tend to lead some of us into being close-minded at times.

The likelihood of being able to make a better decision is by
having to open up our minds to a bigger world of possibilities and ideas.
By seeing the bigger picture,
we will be able to see the "flow" and "pattern" of certain things.

And I think because of this mentality of mine,
I sometimes end up clashing a lot with other people.
But the good thing is that I will be able to learn a lot.
That is if I am able to keep cool and listen.hahax..

I am a human too ya know.
Have feelings, stress and all,
so at times I will become unstable as well.
Just like the rest of the human population.

And yup,
being a skeptic means that I tend to be neutral at times.
Trying not to take sides if possible.

I brought this topic up because of the recent general election
that was held in my country.
Sometimes, people who took sides end up being
blinded from certain perspectives.
It helps being open minded
as it keeps us being rational.

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