Saturday, July 25, 2009


"School rumble z" comes to an end.
Well, "School Rumble" was quite a nice manga 2 read though.
Although the beginning may seem childish.
School Rumble

okay, i am now determine to study..(i think i always say that bt did't to it)
i wan to get A1 in chemistry, physics, ict,math, add math, and sej.

Next week performance..,
hahax.. dunno.. will mess up a nt.
if kill_me was in, it would be cool.
bt too bad.

whenever i suppose to read sej, i end up spacing somewhere else..
going to august adi.
still like that..

my com had been formated again...
for the 15th time tis year..
hmm..., it happen when i was installing sp2 for my xp.
its damn stupid,
when my com boot up and load.
it restart again and again..
i was quite piss off coz i was in the middle of something.
no choice lo, its quite an old pc.

next week vb.

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