Thursday, July 16, 2009

hmm..., took the gamble..

sorry guys..
did't have much time.
well, i took the gamble..
it will take effect soon..

Okay, here is something i learn recently.
If your printer gets jam(stuck) with a paper..
what do you do?
1)Start getting panic.
2)bang the printer.
3)Start shouting for no reasons.
hahax.., of course not.
Here is what you are supposed to do.
1)Go to the printer's manual and find for the instruction for jam printer.
2)if you weren't able to find it, dun get panic.
3)Turn off the printer first.
4)wait for few minutes, then turn it on again.
5)Usually, the printer will automatically allow the paper to go through and come out.
6)If that doesn't happen, try pulling the paper slowly.
7)okay, that might not work as well.., remove the cartridge first.
8) then slowly pull the paper from there.
9)The last resort is that you have to open the printer and take out the paper from there.
10) be sure to know how to put it back to normal.
11)call the people who are incharge of the printer if you dunno what to do seriously.

c ya..
lonely man talking..

Hope she smiles..=)

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