Monday, July 6, 2009

sorry. busy again.

i am hit..
i am hit...
by a virus...
a password stealer...
it is called "e8main0.dll "

yes..., its a dll file.
so it needs an exe to activate it.
bt it may somehow able to stand alone.
hmmm..., i dun noe hw i gt it.
well, this virus does is that it attacks ur my document and :c/system32
it will steall ur password.
i had it remove after sometime.
jz to keep as a counter measure.., i put up my shield.

In vb6.0
the program will always read ur coding from left to right.
nt the other way round.


text1.text = label1.caption

is not the same as:

label1.caption = Text1.text

Mastering the properties of the object is a must in vb.

next week more..., this week busy..

bb..., busy man talking...

anyway, to girls tat i once told tat r cute in the past..
ermm.., i actually meant pretty n attractive, meihui=)
so, do keep my msg.
okay, n kill_me was probally rite. my bad for jz looking to the dictionary.haha
cute means like what was written in wikipedia

Cuteness is a kind of attractiveness commonly associated with youth and appearance, as well as a scientific concept and analytical model in ethology, first introduced by Konrad Lorenz.

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