Tuesday, July 7, 2009

a little thing about stress.

once again.
its bout stress this time.

well, having many homeworks and responsibility.
students these days have stress.
so, here are a few ways to get rid of it:

1) the most efective way of all, share ur problem or stress wit a friend or someone close to you.

2) play games or things that you like to do. for me, i pumping n sit-up, headstand.

3)listen to musics.(types of music depends on individual)

being frustrated tat something did't go to the way u want?

1) start banging the table.
2) scold anyone near you.
3)start yelling like a pysco.

okay, tats wrong..haha
i did that once during programing.

the real one, take these steps:

1)take a deep breath
2)do something else other than what you are doing.
3) go play computer games or read some manga or comics anything tat can entertain you.
4) do meditation if you actually noe.
5) ask yourself why are you so frustrated about and try looking it from a different angle.

In vb6.0, you can always right click the toolbox
and add components.
For example you want to make a webBrowser,
you add Microsoft Internet controls.
Always declare variable before using it.
for example,
Dim mark as single
Dim say, Name, as string
Name = InputBox("Hey, type in your name here",1,"Name")
mark = InputBox("Key in your exam marks")
If x >50 then
Say = MsgBox(Name & ", you had pass your exam with " & mark " marks ")
Say = MsgBox(Name & ", you had fail your exam with " & mark " marks ")
End if
End Sub

In this code, when you run it
it will promt out 2 inputbox.
One for the name and another is for the marks.
"Dim" is the declaration.
now, many may ask why did i dim x as single and not as integer.
this is because integer in vb is only from -2000something to 3000something.
so, any numbers that exceed that limits wil promt and error.
Its a gud practice to dim numbers as single.
The if...then..end if code than calculates wether the number key in is more than 50.
it will than promt out and msgbox that tells the name and msg and the pass or fail wit the marks.

bb..,busy man talking.

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