Wednesday, July 22, 2009

something to say..

Okay, first of all.
i would recommend firefox users to install a add-ons called "CoolPreview".
What it does is that it gives you a preview of the link that you are going to click,
it enables you to search things faster.
Safe your time.
Try it.

another thing is that if you are using windows xp.
There are certain program that need you to install service packs.
its anoying though.

okay, when it comes to IT, please...
be more open minded for other source.
Use the internet, it provides you with many info and usefull things such as cracks and hacks.
Useful programs.

Youtube has many tutorials especially in programing and computing.
i got to study physics and chemistry and sej.

ohh, ya.. i could head hollow now.
after a few experiments, i found an easy way to do it.
it requires your arm flexibility a lot more than your strength.

ok, i talk too much..
polluting the air..
sorry, kill_me for damaging the folder.
ermm..., next time i will get something to protect it.

lonely guy talking...

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