Wednesday, July 29, 2009

done some stupid things..

yo, click to download something for fun=)
click it then
bt dun blame for what will happen..
my advice is not to ok?
even after u download it, dun open it.
do not click here

ohh ya,
almost forgot.
me and my 2 other friend had work on a program for a competition.
though its quite lousy.
bt do giv it a try.
click here to download the program=)

giv me some comments on it.
critic it also, so tat i can improve.
its version 1.0 though.
will upgrade it when i am free.

hmm.., it was a nice day 2day.
it rain heavily tis morning.
i was holding and umbrella in the rain, walking to the school entrance.
then i saw this girl tat i knew, who just came out of the car.
my instinct somehow told me 2 share my umbrella with tat girl.
i dunnno why i did tat.
natural instinct?
or is tat jz an excuse?
who noe?
so, i shared tat umbrella with tat girl til inside school.
it was quite a nice moment.=)
though i wish tat girl was her, which will nvr happen.
hahax.., bt still happy enuf la..
haiz, i'm a easily satisfied type of person.
tats y i can nvr go far.(some ppl told me tat though i forgot who la)

1 of my friend would have killed me if he had saw me with his girl tis morning.
as gud as dead...

when i free , i will explain more on vb.
something to do with launching other programs with vb.=)
busy man talking..
smile 24 7.

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