Monday, May 27, 2013


So, I was reading through the slides for one of my new modules.
And yes, I actually study most of the slides before the classes begins.
Always be prepared, you never know what might happen.

I stumbled upon the word opportunity in one of the slide.
The way the slide portray about 'opportunity' is that
it is something favorable, like an easy way of making money or success.

But as a chess player and a bookworm who had read a lot of books on business,
I think most opportunity in the real world are not as apparent as they may seem.

And the slides also gave some sort of illusion
that the presence of opportunity means less effort will be needed.

I am totally against this.
From my past experience struggling with my 5 assignments which I had to complete all of them within
4 days because my computer had corrupted all of my assignments.
That was a painful lesson but gave me an opportunity to improve myself.
Do note that I was working as a freelance web designer back then.
Was really stressful.

Because of that, I am now able to program software and websites fast.
I can also learn things faster than I used to.

I think hardship is important.
It goes along with opportunity.

All in all, I think opportunity requires efforts and it may not be apparent most of the time.

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