Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Is it significant enough?

As humans, we will always have our needs and wants.
Will it reach to a point that all those are enough?
I wonder...

Or is it because we are humans, so it will never be enough for us
as long as we continue living in this world.
I guess that is why death is inevitable.
Without death, our never ending needs and wants will never stop.

Based on Maslow hierarchy of needs
as can be refer from here,
the ultimate goal is to attain self-actualization.

How many of us were able to reach that level
before time catches up?

From the current trend where kids want cool devices such as smartphones,
tablets and maybe a nice car.
I think that people from my generation is sort of screw up in a way.
No offense but I'd seen a lot of their behaviors especially in college.

Not that I have anything against them.
It is just that they can be too demanding at times.

I dunno what I will have to look forward to seeing them at work.
People dun change over night.

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