Wednesday, May 15, 2013


just like a math equation where the value on both sides are the same.

Sadly, we humans are not equations.
Therefore we can be unpredictable sometimes.
And not one person in this world is the exactly the same as another.

That is why sometimes people tend to have conflicting
ideas and opinions.
In a way, we are all an unique individual by ourselves.

And by being unique, we were sometimes treated differently
since each of us may have different way of perceiving certain matters or events.
Thus, it is perfectly normal for an argument to spark between two individuals.
Even for a new couple or a long time married couple.

Another example would be how a boss or manager
may reward some of his or her employees differently because
some of them may have different preferences in terms of reward.
Some may see wealth as a primary source of motivation.
Others may feel that by getting more power in decision making,
they will feel more comfortable working.

Having to fight or strive for equality is a good thing.
But it can also be a bad thing if its intention is no good.
Example, an employee found out that one of his or her colleague's
pay is higher than his or hers.
Obviously this will make him or her unhappy.

You see, sometimes we humans despite knowing that each of us are different,
we still want to compare with one another to feel more superior.
That is not what I called equality.

As a conclusion,
it is difficult to apply equality on us humans,
for we are the x-factor for most events.
By x-factor, I mean being unpredictable at times.

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