Saturday, November 24, 2012


yeah, all i want is jz a peaceful and quiet environment to study.
bt no..
Guess what? Its school holiday for kids now.

Most of them are making lots of noise,
not sure if they are laughing or crying.
Sounds the same to me.

I am pretty sure that most of us were told to keep quiet when
the teacher is teaching.
The teacher may say something like,
"You know why God gave you two ears and not two mouth? Its so that you should listen more than to speak."

Well, yes, you should actually keep quiet when someone is teaching.
However, did you know that we tend to learn better through discussion compare to just copying some notes and memorizing it?
I am talking about brainstorming~

Not saying that memorizing is ineffective, but for my own personal preference, understanding would be more important than to memorizing bluntly without knowing the reason behind it.

In fact, when I gave some lessons to a group of 20 students before,
I allowed them some time to chit chat a little and also to have some simple discussion among themselves.
It actually helps them to relax and of course reduce their sleepiness.haha

When you talk more, you are actually stimulating your creativity.

My point being is that, you can't expect students to just shut up during the entire class.
They may have ony one mouth, bt doesn't mean they shouldn't speak at all.
After all, the new generation of kids are getting more active.haha

Well, feel free to criticize this post anyway.
Most are from my opinion.

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