Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Okay, so i got some of my assignments adi despite its the
first week of the class.
As for java, the application have to be link to a database which is something i did not do before in
java though i did one b4 in visual basic. I did some hunting for books that may help me in the library(as usual).

As for spcc, gotten the question but i will need to test out the software first to familiarize with the system before developing on it.

As for rmct, its a research subject, i will most probably use back one of my idea for CRI.

Thankfully, i will not be having classes on friday anymore, which gives me one day to breath for a bit.
And  thankfully again i have a one week break next week, which i will use it for my java assignment as priority.

My priority for now

okay, gotta go now, else i will be late for class, still at home.hahax..
not yet shower also.

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