Sunday, November 18, 2012

its jz the begining of everything~

Its the beginning of my 2nd semester of lvl2 in IT.
I am currently studying in APU aka UCTI for those of you who do not know about me much.

As the 3rd week of the semester is about to approach me,
I manage to finish one of my module's assignment's implementation.
Its done in java.

It involves connecting the application to a database using jdbc.
The database that i used was mysql.

I highly recommend mysql compare to mssql or ms.access.
Reason being is that mysql is more stable.

N yup, the application was done in GUI which means not in command line type of interface
but rather with buttons, textbox and combobox.

oh yea, regarding to the topic above,
All the things that I had to deal with so far whether in work or in my studies,
are all just the beginning of everything.
Even bigger challenges will come into my life.
I welcome those challenge with open arms.

I rmb i once lost all of my assignments due to hardisk failure.
Should have back it up online btw.
I had to rush all 4 of my assignments since due date was near.
Somehow or a rather, i manage to finish it all in one day.
and manage to improve those further using the remaining days left.

At one point when my hardisk failed me, i wanted to jz give up.
bt i didn't because I somehow know that I will be able to get through this.
I took it as a challenge.
Using my will-power, that mostly comes from my ego,
I overcame it.hahax..

Yeah, life is full of problems,
Or u can choose to see it them as challenges.

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