Friday, November 9, 2012

Its a long nite

usually on a Friday night,
i will spend time with my a few of my secondary school friends
for a drink at a tomyam restaurant.
We called it "tomyam session".

So, now that I no longer need to fetch my younger brother from school,
I am now able to stay with them til as late as 11pm although sometimes i stay til 12.
Normally i will leave by 10pm, when things are just about to get interesting.

I have to admit that I sometimes talk very loud.hahax..
have to tone that down.

Normally we will talk about whats going on in our college or university and always
end up complaining about it.
Noted that the few of us are from different college or uni.

Its quite fun actually, since its something to actually look forward to do after 5 days of weekdays.
Not saying that i dun enjoy college, but after all those traffic-jams and stress from studies, its nice to talk it out.

And yeah, we are all guys.
Having a girl in our group would be weird actually.
What brings us all together was that, most of us were also from the same class during our secondary school.
And most of us are studying in the IT field.
So, yeah, lots of things to talk about.

oh yea, next week is my holiday, again.
gonna plan to do some studying as usual.
how else i can spend my time with good return?
Going out will cost my wallet to lose weight..
Plus, i stopped working already, so money is not really coming in.
Gotta start saving more from now on.

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