Saturday, December 1, 2012


hmm..., the year of 2022..
where do i see myself ten years from now?
This was what i was asking myself for the past 3 months.

A lot of thoughts ran through my mind lately.
Well what about you guys?

I guess, i think too much eh?
hahax.. but I am just being me,
a person who likes to plan things far ahead.
Maybe i got this habit after learning chess since i was 8.

The future is full of uncertainties  and its kinda scary for some of us to even think about it.
What would your career be? What kind of friends will you have?
Will you still be single? Will you be rich?
Not to worry too much, since its quite far away.

But i think its a good thing to think about to past time sometimes.

As for me, i had a dream that me and my friends(the 4 of us) hit our 30's
and all of us are still single for some reasons.

Its just a dream anyway, but if that really happen, it would be funny.hahax..
Anyway, nothing much recently.

For now, my assignment priority will be:

okay, good luck guys. 

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