Sunday, September 6, 2009

the presentation..

last week..,
on 3rd of sep 2009..
me, moses(Mun Fuong) and Kelvin(Kok Kian)..
went to cyberjaya, picom..
to present our program tat we had created for the competition..
The journey was very long to reach there.
and miss out one turning in the road in cyberjaya, will have to very far just
to make a one hell of a U-turn.

Well, when we got there.., they checked our body temperature before letting us enter.
then we waited for our turn.
at first we are the only students there.. or so we thought.
People start to wisper,"why are does 'kids' doing here?"
okay, people start staring at us...
of course that happens coz we are wearing school uniform.

and finally..., we saw a few female student.
or mayb there were actually also a few male students as well bt we weren't focusing on them.
my dad was there..., so i can't jz go ask number n all.
One of the girl, which was a prefect from damansara jaya..
is wat she had said or so i had heard.
She ask me to help her to take photograph.
Apparently, my hand are just too cold and shaky coz i wan nervous bout the presentation and i was sitting right below the air-cond.
The picture was blur coz my hands are shaky.
so i ask Kok kian to help her to take the photo instead.
He could have use that chance to get her number in fact.

One of the people who was in charge of the event ask us to feel up our details
and project name.
Yes, our project is called ProjectKai_Mun_Kok1.0
Click the link below to download it.
lolz..., giv me some critics please.
Anyways, back to the story..
We saw the other teams' program name.
Like "Optical Disc Simulator", "Robo Cycle", "Vibrating Earing" and many more.
i dunno man..
their program names sounds so cool and better than ours.

So, we enter the room where they called us in.
The judges.., 3 of them.
So, we borrowed labtop to present our project and also using powerpoint.
It went quite smooth.
Until my part..., i screw up..
I can see their face expression.
The first one' face says tat this is boring.
The 2nd one's face says tat please end tis quick wil ya.
The 3rd one's face says tat God, please get me out of here.
After finish presenting.
The judges ask us questions.
And one of them, ask me hw am i going to improve it.
I answered tat i will add in log coz nw i noe hw to do it adi.
Than another one ask wether if it can produce a graph automatically.
I just answer tat i haven learn till that yet.
Allow me to explain a bit..,
in order to do tat, i have to import tools from excel.
Then i have make sure the data goes to the right place and retrieve it back.
Which it is nt as easy as it seems.

Okay, back again to the story.
Mun Fuong handles the judges' question calmly and good.
He is very good indeed in it.
Kok Kian did good as well.
Unlike me lol...

Okay, if i am nt wrong they will announce the competition result next month.

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