Saturday, September 12, 2009

Changed frm mediafire to 4shared.

why did i changed frm mediafire to 4shared?
kill_me mite be wondering.
here is the thing.
In media fire, when u click on link i posted to download the program or whatever it is,
it will count as 1 file downloaded even if you didn't press download.
Its because i want to know the exact number of downloads thats why i changed to 4shared.
having 5GB space is gud enuf.

On friday, during sejarah exam.
it was the first time from form4 till now that i didn't leave any blanks.
looks like it finally pays off.

I am still waiting for the competition result.
hopefully at least get top4.

I put the download link above my blog, replacing those stupid adds.
have to study chemistry.

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