Friday, September 11, 2009


as my previous post stated that there
was an error in my program.
I had fix it.
And also add something in the quadratic.
Just click algebra, then click Quadratic.
Try it out.
Click here to download Projectkai_Mun_Kok1.1.exe

Come get it.
i sound like a salesman.
I haven come out with patches like what kill_me told me.
i dunno how to do that yet.
I need dll files to do that i think.

It took me almost from 6hours all together to find the solution
for the bug.
In search of the solution, i travel from websites to websites.
I had many obstacles during my journey such as 'distractions'.
I went to those addmath's websites, forums to ancient greeks to father of math.
errmm.., bout the father of math.., its a joke k?
bt the ancient greeks thing was true.

How did i came out with the solution?
Usually we were given the shortcut to to the quadratic equation.
What i did was that i break it down to more steps so that i can find the error and bug.
The proses is like the reinventing or deriving of quadratic equation.
I also found more solution to solve the quadratic equation.
Using deductions.
I think and think and think.
Till this morning when i receive a sms from her.
And i was even more determine.
And i came out with the solution at last.

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