Thursday, September 10, 2009


there is a bug in my vb program..
yes..., the one tat i had send for the competition.
Under algebra.., quadratic.

thanx to c.k yeo who found tat error n told me.
i hope more people out there give me comments and report problems about my program like him.
coz i need to improve it.
here was the problem,
when you want to calculate x.
You had key in a,b,and c.
then you press calculate.
it may sometimes come out and error due to some reasons
which i am working on it.
but if you already have x and you
want to find other unknowns, its okay.
no problem with that.
Please email me more problems about my program

check out tis website.
its quadratic things will be something i want to create.
and of course release a new version.

tmr sejarah...

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