Sunday, August 30, 2009

juz because you can, it doesn't mean you should....

see that title?
sounds familiar?
its frm a song call "juz bacause" by raygun
ok..., i had been away for 3 days to pulau pangkor...

okay, here is jz a summary on wat i had done there.
ermm pictures? upload them next time la. lazy nw.

1st day,
the journey... all i could see was oil palm and sawah padi.
then when i took a boat to the island.
i had lunch at the hotel which where i can see a the beautiful beach.
and some hot chicks by the beach of course.
i went to the beach later n had fun..
n swim.
at nite i heard some music.
so, i went out to check it out.
i saw a group of people dancing.
so, i join in as well..
popping, mj, locking, and breaking.
most of them lock.

2nd day, i woke up..
gt on to the van and tour around the island.
took photos..
and bought a few souvenirs.
and cycle round the place.
then went to the beach again and had fun.
at nite, i was not allowed to go out like the previous nite.
dunno y la..

3rd day,
had fun for the last time.
n go home..

sounds boring?
bt it was fun k.
i shorten it.
coz lazy to write.

ohh ya,
my group: Kelvin(N20), me and mun fuong.
who was in the programing competition.
had been selected to the final.
v r gonna present it in cyberjaya this coming thursday.
well, tis sort of happiness i feel especially when i gt to share it with her.hahax.

k, bb
busyman talking.

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