Tuesday, August 4, 2009

upgrades eh??

i was very curios on many things.
well, so i did a improve version if that is what i called.
an improve version of the student award1.0

its the 1.1
click here to download student award 1.1

let me talk a bit about it.
there is a disadvantage of it compare to the 1.0
is that it doesn't choose the best student for you but it will show out the results in a box and you do the comparing.
but the advantage is that it allows more entry of students.
unlike 1.0 which limits it to 6 only.

but i will upgrade 1.1 so that it will automatic choose for you.

the codes were simple.
jz used the brain.

ermm.., i wil talk a bit on inputBox in vb
it allows users to key in an entry as it promt out a box to be fill in.
an example

Private Sub Form_Activate()
Dim name as string 'means u declare "name" as as text variable
Dim n as integer 'means u declare "n" as as number variable

name = InputBox("Key in your name") 'take the text value from this inputbox
n = InputBox("Key in your marks") 'take the number value from this inputbox

than you can do whatever you want with it...

InputBox(Promt,title,default button,x position, y position,Helpfile, content)

Usually i just used promt, title and button will do.
When you type in promt and title be sure to put ""
example, InputBox("Hi","Just to say hi", VbOkCancel)

c yo
i damn sleepy
read history bores me..
bt i wil nvr giv up=)

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