Tuesday, August 11, 2009

yo, long time no blog

i did't have time 2 blog lately.
and my housing area internet has some problem recently.
thats y i could not update my blog.
n study...

bt nt much goes in my head...
i can swipe adi.
basic one la...
nt the pro type..

anywayz, few days ago was
my sis, wendy chong's bday.
well, hope she had a gud day back then.
i dunno wat girls like...
i jz get somethin simple 4 her.

k, i gt a problem in vb.
i done a form tat can do quadratic equation like in project_kai_1.0
bt the problem is tat it can't calculate certain value.
try it n u wil understand.
click the link on the lower right to download it on the sidebar.
k, when i come up with the solution.
i will b sure to share it.
busy rite nw.
miz her 24 7.

busyman talking

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