Tuesday, June 9, 2009

y r people bcomin stupider these days?

Y r we people getting dumber and dumber?
from good for nothing to nothing for good.
Well, i'll tell ya why.
Our chances of getting "A"s in our exam has been becoming easier and easier.
Its like if u dun get "A" then it means that u r abnormal or dumb..
"Some peoples" want to see more people getting "A"s so it look as though as our country is doing well in education.
In actual fact, that made things worse than it is.
By making students getting "A's easily, it makes them think they are "smart" at times.
the worst part is tat it wil become a pressure for students to get "A"s.
Those students who gets lots of "A"s will apply to university that may not be their standard and end up not doing well.
Now a days, getting graduate from universities are easy especially local ones.
And some cert can't get you anywhere bt where u are nw from where u start.
Those graduate may think that with the cert they can get a easy job with high pay easily. In your dreams la.
1) a lot of graduate may think that they will be getting easy jobs with the cert.
2)they want high pay and easy job.
3)nobody wants to employ this kind of people.
4)they then search for labour jobs wanting high pay.
5)they get rejected.
6)they then blame the foreigners.

Well, its easier if you put the blame on others.
then now the "Some people" gives them job.

The news got report that about 100-200thousand graduate did't have job.
But wait, they did't actually see 100-200thousand graduate out of how many graduates.
In fact, its only like 20% at most or less.
And the fact that most of the ones in the 100-200thousand are lazy and waiting for the job to come to them or waiting for the sky to fall money(maybe).

Now, they are gonna change math and science back to bahasa melayu.
haiz, the world is evolving(changing) and getting better. Its nt gonna remain stationary.
In other words, evolution.
But "some people" dun understand this changes that were made so we can join the worlds' change to get better.
Saying that we won't love our country if use english.
okay, maybe that is true.
But look at the whole thing, that is just one point.
If we learn math and science in english, we can become better.
We can venture more to the world.
Improve ourselve.
Many advantages againts one disadvantage of learning math and science in english.

Next week, talk bout java.

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