Thursday, June 4, 2009

i kinda made history..

what the hell man.
i formated the same computer i am using 3 times today.
backup 3 times also..duh..
it crashes 3 times...

first time format today coz some incompatible software(software that are not suitable for your o.s) Btw, when i format one of my partition it end up formating both my hardrive partition.

second time was coz some error while instaling the hardware.

third time coz of some improper shutdown.

dun be like me.

Okay, there maybe few reasons why your com will turn lagy:
1) you used up more than 90% of your hardrive space.
2)your computer ram is too low.
3)the game that you are playing may have use very high graphics that your com can't take it.
4)you had too much run-time program for example:anti-spywares, anti-virus, msn..(those program that are running on the bottom right of your screen.)

Its always best to keep a backup with you for your hardrive.
I always keep setups like avast, mozilla firefox, adobe reader, msn messenger.(basic needs)

thats all.
Pray hard that i may format my com again.
I used it for almost 10 years adi lol.

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