Saturday, June 27, 2009

go solo..

before i start talking bout the topic.
here is something i wanna tell.
aiyo, friday almost everybody is like, "hey, u noe ah michael jackson died?"
is like the whole world talking bout him.

okay, back to the topic.
go solo...
one man show..
okay, it seems that one man show was never the best thing to do.
but i am telling you, it sometimes has to.
at certain situation, when u wanna get something done, then do it yourself!!
okay, maybe it mite be a bad idea.
But going solo may sometimes safe some time.
Of course, there are times where you need to cooperate with others.
Not going solo all the time.
Bt going solo means less people to work with and less burden and management.
managing humans are not easy as managing your work though it mite seem easy.

busy man talking.

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