Friday, June 26, 2009

sorry.., busy lately

sorry guyz...,
n girls...
i had been busy lately
ya, wit my new visual basic book.
its interesting.
ethics of programer n stuffs..
i did't study le.
computer ony....

hav any of u here use m.s office 2007?
it has nice g.u.i(graphical user interface).
yeah, copy from mac. obviously.
looks can be deceiving.
its stupid when u try to look for some function button.
all the menu things changed.
hard to look for what u want.

i am now the first person in my class 2 kena surat amaran(warning letter).
ok, here is the thing.
the e-displin system is a bullshit.
i tell you why.
1)when ur marks got deducted, do you know what had u done wrong that cause it?
2)ur marks keeps on deducting, n u still dunno why.
3)they are using ms.access database to key in the e-displin thing
4)ms.access is only for small database and cannot handle big ones.
5)as a user of ms.access, i can tell you that there will be a lot of indexing problem in it. means like mismatch. that causes ur marks to minus n sometimes disappear for a while in the report.

my name disappear n appear in the next month wit 15marks gone.
before the exam, my marks was 78. during exam, i did no wrong nor did i came late.
then after the holiday. it became 72.
okay, maybe i did some wrong during the holiday?

k, bb.
busy man talking.

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