Thursday, March 5, 2009


i was caught last week for climbing the wall in school last week with my friend.
I dun blame him though as i have been climbing since form1.... damn, first time in my five years of this.
hmm..., i had to give a speech about my experience of climbing the school wall.
and also why is it bad.

I did my script last minute..., i was ready for that speech..
Well, things didn't went my way, the teacher change my script here and there.
When i was about to give my speech, I had realize that i couldn't really read what that teacher had changed. I stun for a few seconds... n i got panic..

it became the joke of the day, I was then known to everyone in school..==
damn..., i screw up..

anyway, i didn't get caught again the day after i got caught. i change path/routes.
take different way.
I also did some observation, seeing where else can i climb to get in and out.
Safe time..
The new path i had found could not be seen by anyone.
Its sort of hidden but must still be fast.

In climbing walls, here is one good tips..
Know your route that you are taking. Know all the angle of it.

Exam results were ok i guess..hahax

I shall never again be caught..i think.. n hope so.. unless mr. kumar or ms. thean is reading this... But i doubt they knew my path..=O

Check this video below:

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