Wednesday, March 25, 2009

hahax..all this while..

All this while i thought that i was good for nothing,
now i realize that i was nothing for good.
Well, i think since form4 i can nvr do things right.
Always screw up.

I did't update my blog coz i was on holiday n i gt sick when i return.
Ate too much til gt food poisoning and gt fever.
Ain't dance fever, but the fever that makes your body goes up to 38 degree celcius.
Bt gud things happen when i gt sick of course.

hmm..., some people told me that i'm a fool to go for her.
She mite have someone else is what they said. Some say she maybe two-timed me.
i dun care wat they say. If i care wat they say, then i am nt Kai Yuan.
Worry bout her lately eh..
I no longer like want to go after other girls now a days. Mayb too tired..hahax or jz bored adi. want to study.

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