Sunday, December 9, 2012

Bookfair yo!

So, I went to the Big Bad Wolf bookfair 2012
which was held at MIECC.

If you guys want to get good books for real cheap price,
u guys should go there too.
However, there wasn't an IT section this time
although a few IT books can be found in the Reference Section.
That was the only disappointment I had on that day.

The rest was great, as I get to see a Lamborghini up close which was displayed outside the hall.
And thanx to that, I was able to win a free book by answering a question by the DJ.
He asked what was the brand of the car that was displayed outside the hall.

I bought about 6 books.
My brother and my dad bought about 3 books each.

There were some parents who brought their little kids to the bookfair as well
since there were a lot of children book also.
Some of those kids got lost and were brought to the DJ who will make an announcement
to inform the kids' parents about their children.

Sometimes, the parents did not come up front to collect their children maybe because too busy shopping for books.
So, the DJ will say something like
"I want everyone to check their own IC and see if their name is (the kid's mom name) and if yes, then please come and collect your daughter. "

I was laughing when i heard that.
Guess the fair was really huge and crowded.

I hope next year they will have an IT section though.
It would be really good as most IT books in the market are really expensive.

Overall, its really worth every single penny to get there and buy the books.
Its really dirt cheap.haha

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