Friday, December 18, 2009

My head...

well..., my head almost explode..
use it too much..
One of it was about doing my program that calculates solutions of triangle..
The given function was Sin(X)
So, i use it.
But it didn't work..
crack my head whole day...,
I tried to convert the answer to degree thinking that the value i obtain from Sin(x)
was radian..
At the end i found out that i had to convert the degree to radian before placing it to Sin(x)..
That is the effect of leaving my brain at school..

Dim x as single
Const pi as single = 3.142

x = 56
x = 56*pi/180 <<< Converting it to radian
x = Sin(x)

Well, it looks simple..
bt it took me half of my day..
plus, i also learn bout inverse sin function.
all these were from forums..

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