Tuesday, December 29, 2009


you may not know
but i sometimes do attend formal events or formal dinner.
And at those time, i am not myself.
I talk differently and things that i talk are different.
i dun like it but no choice.
Most of the time have to in front of my dad's client.
Recently when for a lunch with my dad's client family.
I was given a place to sit.
At my 12 o'clock(directly opposite my sit),
is one of the daughter.
how could you not stare once?
its normal for my head to look in front and not side ways.
I made a wrong attention with my smile.
I dunno why my eyes are sort of hook up.
lol.. mayb too long at home adi these few days.
Taking my undang so vb will b delay.
ya, i fail it. Will try again.
haiz, i fell sick. How?
hopefully i recover b4 i retake my undang.

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